Autor: Hana Kazazović

I have just finished the book “Minimalism – Living a Meaningful Life” and I realized that I have to make some big changes in my life. Actually, I knew that already, but I didn’t have enough courage to admit it to myself. This book came in a right moment as an inspiration and motivation.

I am not satisfied with my life. I am not happy.

This sounds like the beginning of an introduction to some support group, now I see. And maybe that is the reason I am writing this blog post. I feel like I need some support because I know this wouldn’t be an easy change.

On the other hand, this change maybe wouldn’t be that hard because I made changes in my life in the past and I know I can do whatever I want.

And this is the hardest part – that is why I feel so insecure and in need of support – I have to find what is a passion in my life?

What am I passionate about?

And I can list many things that I love or like. But when it comes to passion, I have a problem. I am doing so many things whole my life and I am so focused on living, that I forgot how passion looks like.

Actually, I can remember that I feel happy and fulfilled when I am reading, traveling and meeting new places and people. And I feel happy when I talk or write about that and when other people found that useful or interesting to them.

When I was in the United States last month, I wrote every day a blog post about my experiences. Many people read that and many of them were so grateful for my writing.

When I write about something on my blog, and after that somebody tells me that my words made an impact on them, I feel happy and grateful.

And I am happy when I write about things that are important or interesting to me, and when I realize there are other people who share my opinion.

How can I turn anything of this into passion and live happy and meaningful life – I actually don’t know. But I want to find out.

And I will write about my changing on this blog.

In the book “Minimalism – Live a Meaningful Life” focus is on these five things:






I will start with passion. Besides the things I wrote above about my passions, I must really find out what is my passion and how to focus on it. And after that, I will think how to improve other four things from this list.

Stay tuned :)