Adnan Koljenović is 26 is and a resident of the town of Visoko. He has a degree in IT engineering, and currently works at the Visoko TV station as a cameraman and editor. He got that job nearly by accident. He had been looking for an opportunity to complete his university internship requirement without needing to travel every day, and he got the opportunity through a friend who owns a television station and a studio. A month later he got a job.

Adnan is into singing, and particularly of traditional „sevdah“ songs, this is his one hobby outside work. He took part in some singing contests and acquired a degree of popularity.

Adnan Koljenović:

I started singing back in elementary school. People recognised I had talent, then I sang in elementary and secondary school choirs, then I dabbled with some bands, so that it has become nearly professional.

I also applied to some festivals and television music programs, and through that I became sort of popular.

At present I play with the Urban Sevdah Band.

Do you have regular gigs?

As regards gigs, not so much lately, because all of us in the band are working, so music is more of a hobby and we do not want to play everywhere. We tend to do special events, that is our preference.

Here in Visoko, we had a concert for the band’s 10-year anniversary.

What are the plans for the future?

For the moment, the plans – there is a song that had never been recorded in a studio, so we plan to do that. This is a song in a traditional urban style, intermixed with „sevdalinka“. It’s called „When You’re Kissing Me“, it has never been recorded, and we plan to make a recording of it.

Have you tried to leave BiH, do you think about it?

I am more of a local patriot. I never had a chance to go anywhere, if an opportunity presented itself, then – maybe.

But you do not have a burning desire to leave?

No. The environment in general, by that I mean here in Visoko, is that everyone struggles for their own individual interests. In my opinion, if people chose to work for the wellbeing of the society and their communities, people would surely be staying, an atmosphere would be created that people could stay, have families and a measure of security.