Do you have something that you dream about? Something you want to do even if it sounds crazy or useless? Maybe it’s something even you think it couldn’t be done. Maybe you don’t have courage to think about it. If you have such a dream, then Chris Guillebeau wrote the book “The Happiness of Pursuit” just for you.

In this book you can find stories about people who did something they dreamed about, mostly just for themselves. This is the book about normal people doing remarkable things. Writer of the book, Chris, visited every country in the world. We can read about his quest. We also can read about the woman who traveled in every state in America, or about the man who walk whole Turkey by foot or the woman who spent more than a year on the tree to stop illegal logging in Tasmania. We can also find a story about a woman who had 50 dates in 50 states, or about a guy who 17 years abstained from motorized transport. He also didn’t speak for years, and that started from his wish to express protest against oil companies.

You can read many stories about the people who found their quests. They had enough courage for that. Many of us are dreaming of something and do nothing because we think that we couldn’t do it.

This book can help you to try and do it, because you can learn from others experiences. And you can find many advices for finding your quest.

At the beginning of the book I was wondering why people pursue quests and adventures. Chris wrote this reasons:
– Self-discovery
– Reclaiming
– Response to external events
– Desire for ownership and empowerment
– Taking a stand for something

And stories from this book are truly inspiring and motivating. People who are finding their quests were successful not because of innate talent, but because of their choices and dedication.

And every one of us can be dedicated, just if we want and try enough. And it means that every one of us could find our quest.

Happiness is a choice, and no one has to be special to pursue a dream – Juno Kim – quote from the book

As Chris in the book said:

“This is the fact: All of us will someday die. Yet not all of us live in a state of active awareness of this reality.
Once you’re near the end, there’s no time for bullshit. But what if you decided there’s no time for bullshit or regrets far in advance of the end?
What if you vow to live life the way you want right now, regardless of what stage of life you’re in?”

What if…? I’ve been considering around this since I read the book. I have a couple of dreams in my mind and I usually avoid to think about them. After reading this book I often ask myself – What if I try. Can I really do it?

And I don’t have an answer yet, but I already moved a couple of steps. I’ve started thinking about them, and I even can imagine a whole process in my mind.

Maybe I will read the book one more time and find enough courage to find my quest. As Chris said:

“You have to believe in your quests even if others don’t.”

And also:

“A quest can bring purpose and meaning to your life”

If you have something you’re dreaming about and don’t have enough courage to do it – read this book. At least you will find out that you’re not only. And sometimes that’s all that’s important.