Saima Bristrić – Gradačac: She is the happiest when the women that attend her exercises tell her that they feel better and healthier



The first impression that I had about her was – she really loves what she is doing. After talking to her, my impression was confirmed, because Saima is truly radiant and I am not surprised at all by the fact that women in Gradačac cannot wait for trainings. If I lived in this town, I would certainly be attending them regularly, too.

Saima Bristrić:

I am Saima Bristrić, MA in physical education and sport. I loved sport since my childhood and even back then I was of the opinion that sports activities contribute to the physical and psychological health of persons. With great support from my parents, and especially enormous moral support of my mother, I graduated from the grammar school and firmly decided to enrol at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Tuzla. At the enrolment, itself, I knew that I had to choose an area and specialise in order to start my own business, given the fact that it is very difficult to find employment at a school as a teacher of physical education and sport.

During my second year of studies I applied for the position of a fitness trainer at the Agora Centre and I acquired vast experience by volunteering. I therefore highly recommend young people to volunteer in order to get the necessary knowledge and experience that they will be able to use later on.

A year later, I was invited by a professor from the faculty to teach fitness as an elective subject for students from other faculties. Thanks to this professor, I acquired additional vast knowledge, experience and got invaluable advice that helped me to make a decision and start a fitness course in my town, Gradačac, that very year.

I therefore assumed great responsibility during my third year of studies and I wholeheartedly decided that I would like to be useful for my surrounding by providing knowledge and positive energy. I initiated a fitness programme that enabled my fitness ladies to be fit, healthy and full of energy. I graduated on time as the best student of my generation, with a grade average of 9.45. Given such a great average grade, I was entitled to free studies during the second study cycle, for an MA degree in physical education and sport. I graduated this year, on July 7th, 2017.

This year we celebrated the third anniversary of Fitness in Gradačac. Thank God, I am over the moon, because my wish came true and I am working with groups of women who are healthy and happy. My fitness ladies know that MOVEMENT means HEALTH, so that they attend trainings regularly.

I am the happiest when they tell me they feel better because they are working out, their abilities are greater, their migraines stop, because their physician reduced or abolished their medication for regulating the blood pressure, they do not get that tired as quickly as earlier and their clothes look better on them, they are in a better shape, they no longer have back or knee pain, etc. They are full of positive energy and happier.

I love Gradačac and I do not wish to leave my Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A message for young people: Follow your dreams, do not listen to the negative comments of people from your surroundings, be grateful to God and believe in Him. He will give you the best. You only have to try and give your best in everything you do.


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