Alen Haman is one of the owners and founders of the Front Slobode media outlet, but he prefers to introduce himself as a media activist because everything he does is in general linked to this media activism. He is a person who is some sort of an encyclopedia of activism and everything that is not clear to you about activism can be learned from him. He remembers everything that has happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of activism for the past years. He has actively participated in most of these events and constantly dedicates his time to come up with ways to improve the society in which we live.

His name is Alan Haman. I did not talk much with him but I did try to get a couple of definitions from him as to what activism is and how he actually sees activism. In general, the conclusion is that we need more activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina to make this society what we know it can be.

Alen Haman:

Activism. Activism should be a regular state of mind for any citizen today, especially in countries in famous transition, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina where democracy was suddenly planted on an unploughed meadow and here we are – waiting for twenty years to see it grow.

To me, activism means to be active in ways where someone else would feel the result of your work while you are not looking for absolutely anything in return, not even a thank-you.

Activism will bring better results if activists avoid the sweet trap of self-promotion.

Topics should be selected after consultation with those in need, definitely, before making decisions themselves on what someone else needs. So always talk to people, have plenty of empathy, understanding, try to sense the core of the problem and where it all starts.