Amila Kujundžić is 17 years old and she is a fourth-grade student at the grammar school ”Vaso Pelagić” in Brčko. She is currently a coordinator of the local team of ASU BiH in Brčko and she is also short-listed for the steering committee of the Association. I talked to her about how much her membership at ASU BiH meant for her and what were her plans for the future.

How did you join the Association of Secondary School Students and what encouraged you to engage?

In October 2015, we had a lecture held by SHL, and back then there was one of their seminars, Standup. I applied for it and was accepted. That was the occasion when I heard about the association and when I came back I talked to a friend and saw that she was in charge of the team. I applied and progressed step by step to the position of a coordinator.

At the association, I learned many things, and the most important thing was the fact that I realised that activism was something for me, that it was my choice and that I see myself in this in the future. I met many people that I can rely on throughout Europe.

Why would you recommend young persons to become a bit more active, if not at ASU BiH, then at least at some other organisation?

Probably most of them would find themselves in this, just as I did. Secondly, they would not only sit back at home, watch TV and become what most people are today. They would also learn many things that they could not learn during their primary or secondary school education. They would meet many people and widen their horizon.

You are one of the short-listed candidates for the steering committee of ASU BiH. If you are selected, will this open up some additional possibilities for you to maybe contribute to an increase in the number of secondary school students in ASU BiH.

Should I become part of the steering committee for the period 2017-2019, I will do my best to motivate as many secondary school students, both in the District and throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What is in your opinion the reason why young people are not more active?

They see no benefits.

Maybe they do not have sufficient information?

We discussed this, and this problem was somehow solved in Brčko – whatever is happening, whether organised by us or the Youth centre, we inform them. However, they are not interested.

You are now in the fourth grade. What are your future plans?

I planned to study international relations and diplomacy in Istanbul once I finish secondary school. When I graduate from the faculty, I will have two possibilities – to work in Bosnia and Herzegovina or to work in Turkey. I will therefore probably spend a year there, and then come to Bosnia and Herzegovina for a year.