Darijo Bošnjak is in fact the first director I’ve ever met in my life. So far he has shot a short film (Some New Kids) and is preparing to record his first feature film which I honestly hope would see the light as soon as possible because it has a very interesting premise and I think it’ll be very interesting. I’d like to finally see how he sees it, how it would all turn out to be.

I spoke to Darijo about what it means to devote your time to filming a movie in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We know the kind of support provided to artists in BiH in any art, especially those who are into expensive “hobbies” such as filmmaking. I hope Darijo will reach his goal, and judging by his persistence, I have no doubt about it.

Hana: You are in filmmaking. What have you done so far?

Darijo Bošnjak:

First of all I’m trying, I’m a wannabe director, not yet established, but I believe one day I will be. A lot can be done with effort. Last year we recorded the first short film called Some New Kids, which was also an experimental movie to see where we stand and above all to prove to people that something can be done. Instead of just sitting around, criticizing others but simply, let’s get a team and make a movie. We’ve see ourselves in this and we’ll continue building on that story. That’s as far as the filmmaking is concerned.

Hana: And what about the film underway?

Darijo Bošnjak:

As I mentioned, the first draft scenario was written, it still ongoing. Namely, this is the first film to show Superheroes from the Balkans, more precisely from Bosnia, our domestic superhero I came up with and had him placed in different situations, where he will help people in a bit unusual ways, not with lasers, spider net or so on. We are currently in the pre-production phase, receiving casting applications that are likely to be held in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Vitez, to bring a few people to Vitez as well. After that, we will try to form a financial framework to see where we stand and only then will we start a bit more seriously with the production part, preparation for shooting and the actual shooting.

Hana: You want to film a movie in two years?


That is right. Tentative plan is two years, perhaps it can be done sooner, of course, depending on the financial structure, because movies are an expensive toy, especially in Bosnia and the Balkans, so I’ve given myself time because I still have room for learning, improving scenario, for rehearsals. But let’s say I’d be happy to have the movie out in two years.